spinLife Freedom Foundation® 2020 - "It's all about YOU!"

  • ...the new dimension of medical treatment!


    The foundation of the med clinic 90 program is making compassion the priority, not profit; the patient is where the focus shifts to.

    By providing compassionate and effective treatment to the patient, a greater level of branding recognition is developed from the patient's social interaction with others. This in turn drives a greater volume of new patients to the clinic. 

    With the spinLife Freedom Foundation being a non-profit organization and handling the patient referrals, the treatment of the patients becomes a valuable tax write off...and it just gets even better!

    Of course the first priority is patient care but your company still has to make a profit to stay in business. Read on for a more detailed definition of the med clinic 90 program and why you should submit an application to be considered on the pages to follow.   


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