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    Think for a moment of the extensive amount of profit lost from advertising, marketing and business recognition expenditures each year.  

    You have a constant need to contend with the ever increasing number of competing medical practices in the Henderson area alone, not even considering Las Vegas.  Our program changes that constant pressure with your competitors.


    This page is Part #1 of a two-part introduction to our program.

     The Question of How

    The first thought that likely crosses your mind is "How?"  The answer is simple and easy to understand the dynamics. If approved as one of the elite listed on our med clinic 90 directory page, your clinic allows ONE patient every 90 days to be treated at no charge. (Treatment only! Medications, X-Rays, scans and such are the responsibility of the patient, unless designated otherwise by your clinic.) The amount not collected from the treatment of the patient becomes a tax deduction.

    It generally takes an average of 90 days for the body to manifest significant evidence of effect from medical treatment. A patient/specialist familiarity is built for the patient, with a sense of trust and comfort. When the 90 day period ends, the patient is now motivated to find a way to become a paying client of your clinic. 

    Even if the patient does not continue further with your clinic, they have become a source for organic advertising, branding recognition and a marketing tool.  It is human nature to spread the word to others as the patient progresses in their treatment as well as well afterwards. No hype, no pitch, just pure organic marketing.



    The Key Element of Value

    The key element of value for the "Approved Clinics" is so easily identified. A company cannot just get listed on our directory. Just like products we evaluate, they must have passed our strict evaluation.  Every visitor to our web site is more likely than not, going to visit this page and look at the Directory to see who is listed.The primary features of why this concept is so valuable is outlined in the areas to follow...

    COMPETITORS - For your competitors, at some point, they will visit our web site and of course look at the directory page.  Their impulsive response most likely is: Why are these clinics listed in the directory? What is the potential impact on their own branding recognition? and then How do THEY apply to be approved? This is simple, inevitable logic. At the same time, not every single company will follow that logic, yet at some time this is of the highest probability to occur.

    PATIENTS - In today's society, everything is moving to use of the Internet.  For the medical industry, it is now the Yellow Pages for businesses. Patients are now becoming more dependent upon information from their Online usage and this is especially true for anything to do with the medical industry.

    Our directory represents an easy go to source to look up medical clinics and associated services that have been reviewed and approved by appropriate qualified industry professionals as most recommended. Considering this is provided at no cost to you or the patient, it becomes the most beneficial organic solution to help you get an edge on your competitors.

    THE CLENCHER - What we refer to as "The Clencher", is an ironic situation that inevitably will occur repeatedly. Let's say hypothetically speaking, that a clinic applies to be approved to be listed on the med clinic 90 directory. The evaluation process is completed but the clinic is NOT approved for being added.  

    You can rest assured that emotions are stirred with the applicant and you can rest assured that in their discussions with others both professional and general public, they are going to discuss their failure to be approved.

    This is where the organic element of the med clinic 90 program really comes into even stronger effect. When we hear something negativeor positive about anything, we are stirred on impulse to learn more about what was mentioned in the discussion; our curiosity drives us to learn more. This kind of organic advertisement and positive branding recognition is truly "The Clencher".

    What If?

    The logical question to come next is "What If?  What if your clinic is not accepting any new patients when one of the med clinic 90 program patient participants sends a referral yet your clinic is not accepting any new patients? Once again, the answer is simple.  When such a situation arises, rather than a potential patient becoming disgruntled, the organic marketing increases. This is because of the rule of supply and demand.

    If the patient is motivated to be a patient at your clinic yet you are not accepting any new patients, they will still spread the word to others in their daily social interaction and the desire to be treated at your clinic increases even further. 


    The Unexpected Benefits

    What is so likely to be overlooked as far as benefit of being one of our approved clinics or treatment centers, as time progresses, community recognition on multiple levels. As they say, "Word travels."

    Not only does communication about a grateful patient sharing their appreciation in their communication with others, city, press and multiple other entities become aware of your participation. This provides unparalleled recognition and opportunity to have a stronger recognition in your community...and you aren't investing a single penny for this.  It's all organic and not tainted with the profit motivation.

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