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    There so powerful as word of mouth!



    width="298"   At spinLife Freedom Foundation, there is nothing more powerful or valuable than testimonials from our readers and those we interact with at our events and programs.

    This page is dedicated to sharing some of the more recent messages received from the people we serve.


    "This is a new site I just heard about from a friend. You have really got a good idea going on here, best of luck!"

    Elise Montgomery


    "I really appreciated your honest candor in your article about being and MST victim. My son is seeing a doctor for the same thing and I want to make sure he reads your article. That will help him realize he's not a lone victim and that others understand from personal experience."

    Alisa Sanger
    Concerned Mom


    "Your foundation has grown exponentially since I saw your web site a couple years back.  I never expected to see those programs you have started and not plaguing your readers for money."

    Elise Cataro
    Active Paraplegic


    "I like the direction you are going with your web site. Can't wait to see more product reviews available to look over."

    Greg Santos
    Organic Marketing Developer


    "It is amazing what your team has accomplished in the few short weeks since publishing your revised web site. Much cleaner design with engaging content I like to see."

    Tony Wayman


    "Now this is a bit of a twist! Your new web site is draws a reader to go well beyond the opening page and investigate what else they can discover in the subsequent pages. I am especially intrigued with your med clinic 90 program. I look forward to seeing the further development of it."

    John Darcey
    Forward Thinking Analyst


    "You show dedication providing information and insights. You provide an excellent service and I wish you continued success."

    Dr. Evan Granger, PhD


    "Your foundation staff have proven that you understand the markets you are reaching and are able to convey that to your readers with great insight. You inspire others to consider breaking from the trend and venturing down new paths in the adaptive products development,"

    John Hacock
    Adaptive Systems Engineer


    "The new web site design looks fantastic and easy to navigate. The overall presentation of your web site is stellar! Thank you."

    Colleen Askins
    PR and Media Relations Executive


    "You have interesting articles and programs from what I have seen so far. An admirable philosophy towards treatment of those who are mobility impaired. I look forward to returning again to discover what new developments have been created."

    Jacklyn Ambers
    Independent Writing and Editing Professional 


    "I would like to thank Rebecca for the support gloves she gave us for our daughter at Disneyland. They were so helpful and my daughter just loves them. You are doing a wonderful thing and it was an honor to give you our feedback on the wheelchair gloves!"

    Olivia Marie Ward


    "Your efforts are admirable as well as informative. I look forward to seeing further progress with the greatest of success."

    Chelsea L. Ph. D.
    Director of Psychoanalytic Services


    "Your organization has been so wonderful with the anger control suggestions. Thank you so very much!"

    Elise Fuller


    "Our family is so thankful for the wheelchair cushion you gave us at Disneyland. We could never possibly express our gratitude enough. Who would ever imagine getting an expensive wheelchair cushion at Disneyland, just for given you our opinion of how effective the it is? Thank you."

    Jill Eston
    Household Mom and Blogger


    "Thank you for the info you provided on getting around obstacles with my daughter's wheelchair at the Adventuredome! I really appreciated Jasmine taking the time to carefully show my husband the few tips on wheelchair maneuvering despite all the noise. It is so amazing..."

    Jennifer S.
    Mom of 3 kids

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