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    width="298"   In The Beginning...

    This page is a simple overview about what inspired the founders to create the spinLife Freedom Foundation, When it became a more focused organization and how "It's all about YOU!!".

    The Beginning...

    With all of the founding members of the spinLife Freedom Foundation being mobility challenged and active in a wide variety of adaptive sports, we were all inspired with a familiar commonality of desire for more.  In 2015, we all agreed we wanted people to have a more powerful motivation to inspire them and change their lives continuously for the better.

    Little did we know that this was the element to trigger our impulsive motivation; a catalyst that resulted in the establishment of the spinLife Freedom Foundation.  In 2019 new persons had become a part of our efforts and some had passed on.  The difference is that now we had greater focus and direction with a solid plan and method to execute it.

    Adaptive Sports...and more!

    Who would ever imagine that whilst we were building a group of adaptive sports programs and partnering with others, we simultanouly were now offering mobility impairment industry product reviewsarticles and multiple other programs! Welcome to the spinLife Freedom Foundation, "It's all about YOU!!"

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